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RFN is committed to exposing the Fox News Corporation as a propaganda machine that knowingly broadcasts false, biased, racist, and factually incorrect information in order to further a warped, conservative political agenda. RFN is a bipartisan blog and draws support from liberal, conservative, and libertarian blogs united against blatant media misinformation.

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Really, Fox News?

"Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture." - Allen Ginsberg

RFN is committed to exposing the Fox News Corporation as a propaganda machine that knowingly broadcasts false, biased, racist, and factually incorrect information in order to further a warped, conservative political agenda that is daunted by neither professional ethics nor math. RFN is a bipartisan blog and draws support from liberal, conservative, and libertarian blogs united against blatant media misinformation.

Also, pictures of foxes.


"One of the best Tumblr blogs of 2011" - Buzzfeed

"Check it out for some laughs and even some eye-opening information." - Trend Hunter

Eric Bolling is RFN's Most Misinformed Person of the Year! Congratulations, Eric.

Illustration by Katty Maurey
“If everything is amplified, we hear nothing.”
- Jon Stewart
"One of the best Tumblr blogs of 2011" - Buzzfeed
"Check it out for some laughs and even some eye-opening information." - Trend Hunter
Eric Bolling is RFN's Most...


Some observations:
Boy could we use a site like this right now in 2019. Well actually since Trump took office. If the original owners of this site considered FoxNews a propaganda machine, it certainly has shown itself to be even more brazenly one during Trump's time in office. Of course one must remember that FoxNews' mission when it was initially created was to be a voice of the conservative right to balalnce out the liberal left news. But one must admit that they have gone over to the dark side in their broadcasting of false, biased, racist, and factually incorrect information in order to further a warped, conservative political agenda of Trump. Fox News employees have said that news reporting operates independently of its opinion and commentary programming, and have denied bias in news reporting, while former employees have said that Fox ordered them to "slant the news in favor of conservatives".

Every day brings forth new factually in correct information about what Trump is doing. And now with an impeachment inquiry underway, FoxNews and particularly their opinion and commentary programming is in full "protect and defend the president mode". I find it particularly disturbing that Trump parrots back and is unduly influence by what Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and others spew out. It was surprising when Shepard Smith suddenly resigned a couple of weeks ago. And then there is who became one of the most high-profile proponents of conspiracy theories about George Soros.

Ocassionally I will look at Breitbart New and read the comments to see what the Trump supporters are saying. The other day I read some of the comments on an article whose headline was"MSNBC’s Wallace Calls Laura Ingraham, John Yoo, Sean Duffy ‘Chickensh*t’ for Attacking Vindman". As always I am astounded how much vitriol is expressed.

Absolutely. Trump is perfectly in line and this or any other telephone call is legitimate and it is Biden, HRC and Abu Barry along with the co-conspirators like Mueller, Pelosi, Biden and Kerry who are in the wrong...way wrong. Traitors.

OR Exactly. Vindman has proven to be a political hack, actively recruited and participating in a coup against the President.

I find these attacks to be toxic. I work in medical research, so I realize that "toxic" here may not connote the need for medical waste disposal, but this discourse comes as close to a biohazardous metaphor as anything I've read. And most of this crap is based on lies, which really makes it disgusting. I need a break from too much politics.

Meanwhile the House impeachment inquiry has released transcripts of its closed door interviews with EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine, Hannity denies State Dept asked him to tone down attacks on Yovanovitch, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has been asked to testify in the impeachment inquiry, and four senior Trump administration officials failed to show up to scheduled depositions, citing orders from the White House and an opinion from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel.

RFN we wish you were still actively live!




Fox News Host Calls Obama 'Race-Baiter-In-Chief' After Trayvon Martin Statement

A Fox News contributor wasted little time in blasting President Barack Obama over a statement he made Friday on the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. Moments after Obama’s remarks,Todd Starnes, host of the radio program “Fox News & Commentary," took to his Facebook page to brand Obama the “Race-Baiter in Chief." Starnes also called the President’s statement “reprehensible." 
#fox news     
July 18th

Tumblr’s quiet new NSFW and “adult content" regulations are super annoying.

Making something really difficult to access because you can’t get the support to just ban it or get rid of it is some GOP playbook shit, Tumblr. Not cool.

July 16th
"So the anti-American folks are using the acquittal of George Zimmerman to vent their hatred…Talking Points believes that’s dishonest. America in general had nothing to do with the death of Trayvon Martin. It was a calamity, not a product of policy…Now the second group of Americans emotionally invested in the demise of George Zimmerman are those who believe their country is flat out racist…that blacks and other minorities don’t get fair play from the justice system, the economic system, or the social system."
Bill O’Reilly, a long-time defender of Zimmerman, believes that those upset over the verdict simply hate America.
#fox news     
July 15th
"The truth is, men have become second-class citizens…From boyhood through adulthood, the White American Male must fight his way through a litany of taunts, assumptions and grievances about his very existence. His oppression is unlike anything American women have faced."

Suzanne Venker, author of The War on Men*, writing at, Men — the new second class citizens.

"His oppression is unlike anything American women have faced." Hey, it’s technically true:

Men take up 75% of CEO posts in the United States.

And 81% of the seats in the House of Representatives.

And 100% of people whose reproductive rights are never questioned.

It’s very, very “unlike anything American women have faced."

(*Fun fact about The War on Men: the lady battalions only get paid 81 cents on the dollar in combat pay.)


Fox contributor Venker argues that men are "the new second class citizens" because of recess and TV and Title IX, and stuff.

#fox news     



FN has gotten a lot of feedback recently from people who are angry that Fox News is being singled out as a “straw man” when all news media is just as culpable in the chronic misinforming of the American public.

So, here are eight separate studies spanning a decade showing that Fox News viewers tend to be less politically informed, more politically misinformed, and less likely to trust climate change scientists than viewers of any other major news network.

  1. 2003/2004 Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)
  2. 2007 Pew Research Center
  3. 2010 Stanford University
  4. 2010 Ohio State University
  5. 2011 Kaiser Family Foundation
  6. 2011 Fairleigh Dickinson University
  7. 2011 American, George Mason, and Yale Universities
  8. 2013 University of Arizona

Two studies demonstrating the Fox News effect in biasing viewers against or for presidential candidates

2007 The Quarterly Journal of Economics
2013 Political Research Quarterly

One study showing that Fox News viewers are most likely to underestimate the number of American casualties in Iraq:

2005 Harvard Journal of International Politics



Worst of Fox News 2012


Reddit user Sharpeidiem compiled their own list of Fox News’ Wildest Moments in 2012 and it is a gold star master list.

  • Fox News misleads viewers by using two different metrics to make it appear as if unemployment has doubled under President Obama. 

  • Fox News Contributor Gets Punched In Face, Edits Out Part Where He Started Fight (VIDEO) 

  • Fox News Steven Crowder & Americans for Prosperity use Breitbart-style film editing to show “union thug brutality"

  • Fox News Falsely Accuses Obama Of Trying To Change The Constitution

  • This is an actual headline on Fox Nation’s front page. How do they even claim to have journalistic integrity?

  • FOX is now on record as having become directly involved in trying to recruit a Republican candidate for president. 

  • Fox uses internal poll to claim Obama’s approval rating is dropping, even though it is currently rising 

  • Fox says journalist appologized to Fox for claiming they were a wing of the republican party. Only problem: Journalist says he never apologized

  • Fox News host falsely claims George Soros linked to Wal-Mart protest

  • Fox News Conspiracy Theory: "Now, Sandy; how could you possibly say that it has anything to do with first time jobless claims? When a storm hits you get fired?"

  • Fox News Captions Footage Of Illegal Border Crossings With ‘The Hispanic Vote

  • Fox News guest looking for excuses as to why Romney lost, comes up with: President Barack Obama scared voters by claiming that women would be "forced into rape camps” under Romney

  • One Utah company owned by prominent Romney supporter laid off workers because Obama won. Fox news headline: “Obama Reelection Triggers Massive Layoffs Across America" 

  • Fox and Friends: New Black Panthers Are Intimidating Voters by Holding the Door Open For Old White Ladies

  • It’s Not Just Bias: Four Fox News Contributors Work For Romney

  • Fox Figures Engaged In 42-State Effort To Elect GOP Candidates 

  • Fox News actually removes parts of Obama’s replies from its transcript (link to reddit comments, explaining what passages are cut, link to fox transcript within) 

  • Fox’s Doocy Pushes Falsehood That Obama Admin. Sued Ohio "To Block Early Voting For Military Members"

  • Fox News brother publication, Wall Street Journal, accused of failing disclosure, 10 Op-Ed writers are Romney advisers 

  • Fox News Spun a Cropped Clip of Barack Obama from 1998 To Portray Him as a Socialist…Full Video of the Clip Shows the Opposite - That Obama Was Boasting Capitalism.

  • Fox News Censors Their Own Polls / Banishes All Reporting On Fox Nation If Results Show Obama Ahead

  • In the midst of global climate change talks last December, a top Fox News official sent an email ordering the network’s journalists to "refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question."

  • Fox News top source of voter misinformation study finds 

  • To make it look as if the unemployment rate now is nearly twice as bad as it was four years ago – 14.7 percent versus 7.8 percent – Fox compares two different ways of measuring unemployment as if they were the same. 

  • Fox News slams Obama for not saying "God” in 9/11 message (even though he did) 

  • In order to seem like the drop in unemployment is a bad thing, Fox prints captions that state unemployment drops because people stopped looking for work. Next caption states the exact opposite, that the economy added that number of jobs 

  • Fox Hires Romney Advisers To Attack Obama - Fails To Disclose They Work For Romney’s Campaign

  • Al Qaeda Organizes Hit On Navy Seal Outed By FOX News

  • Fox says Michelle Obama accused Mitt Romney of murder … because she said Obamacare saves lives 

  • Fox News on global warming last year: “Do We Even Need Our Air Conditioners Next Year?” This year, over 15,000 heat records broken 

  • Fox News is again highlighting a misleading chart to distort the debate over welfare reform and to amplify Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s inaccurate message that President Obama is “dismantling” welfare reform. 

  • Fox uses a bar chart with without a zero baseline to mislead 

  • Fox misleading its viewers on Bush Tax cuts with a dishonest chart
  • Fox gets the facts wrong: manufacturing plummeted under Bush and has risen under Obama 

    Fox News Edits Obama Clip to Create a Bogus Attack on the Wealthy

  • A study shows that watching Fox News actually subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge

  • Yet Another Survey: Fox News Viewers Worst-Informed, NPR Listeners Best-Informed 

  • Fox news is creating and running their own attack ads on Obama 

  • Fox News Viewers Less Informed Than People Who Watch NO News 

  • Another study has concluded that people who only watch Fox News are less informed than all other news consumers.

  • Fox News made up an Obama quote to make it seem like he was attacking Romney 

  • A list of 20+ of the most ridiculous headlines and chyrons from Fox News and Fox Nation. I can’t believe they get away with claiming that they’re “Fair and Balanced."

  • Fox news Refers to Neo-Nazis as "Civil Rights Group" 

  • Fox News has launched an all out propaganda campaign to convince Americans that gas prices are high because President Obama has blocked domestic oil production. One problem: it isn’t true. 

  • John Bolton dodges question from anti-war vet about blowback, insults him; Fox edits out the audience booing and replaces with it applause. 

  • Fox News fabricates part of US Constitution in effort to convince viewers Elena Kagan should recuse herself from Affordable Care Act case. 

  • Morgan Freeman decried the Tea Party as Racist, but according to Fox News… (Screenshot)

  • Gay Soldier, Serving in Iraq, Gets Booed at the Google/Fox News GOP Debate

  • This Is Not an Onion Parody of How Fox News Would Cover Obama’s Birthday 

  • Internal Fox news emails show concerted efforts to mislead 

  • 14 Propaganda Techniques Fox "News” Uses to Brainwash Americans. #10. Invoking the Christian God. God loves Fox and Republicans and America. And hates taxes and anyone who doesn’t love those other three things.

  • Actual News Headlines vs. Fox News Headlines 

  • Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News, confirms he manipulates news to suit his agenda 

  • One of the more interesting Fox Techniques involves the fairly consistent “party switch” from Republican ® to Democrat (D) when a prominent GOP member is caught up in a public scandal. 

  • Fox News Edits Out All of Jon Stewart’s Criticism of Fox From O'Reilly Debate

  • Fox News takes advantage of a human being’s death for a cheap political maneuver. Makes an entire news article out of student’s suicide happening at the same time as Obama’s speech (IMG)

  • Bill Sammon, Fox News Vice President and DC managing editor, knew in 2008 that labeling Obama as a socialist was “far-fetched” (audio proof), yet he still went on Fox News to promote it later (video proof) and emailed staff to promote it in days leading up to election. 

  • Fox News managing editor: I lied on-air to smear Obama

  • The problem with Fox News isn’t that they present an opinion. It’s that they lie about facts.

  • And once Obama fires cruise missiles, suddenly Fox is anti-war 

  • In response to Fox airing fake clips of violent Wisconsin protests with palm trees in the background…Madison protestors start carrying inflatable palm trees. “Fox News Can’t Even Get In the Right State" 

  • Fox blames Obama for oil subsidies…even though he proposed to end those subsidies last month…and then GOP voted to protect them. 

  • Thanks to FOX there is a landmark Florida decision from 2003 which clarifies that broadcasters can KNOWINGLY LIE - a case now known as 'Fox-can-lie’! 

  • Fox News Completely Reverses Poll Results To Falsely Claim Most Americans Favor Ending Collective Bargaining 

  • It is important to know what what Fox news is telling its viewers about Wisconsin… because what Fox news is telling its viewers, involves the Antichrist…

  • Fox news replaces cheering for Ron Paul’s straw poll victory at CPAC with booing





this blog has the perfect ratio of exposing news awful and adorable animals

this is the dream!

Monday, June 3, 2013


How many foxes have you posted?

Not nearly enough.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


i love fox news u piece of shit
Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So what is the least biased news? I know all have an agenda but you have to get news somewhere.

I think that “least biased news” is pretty subjective, and what I view as least biased is inherently biased towards my interests, probably.

RFN house rule #1 is never get your news in just one place. I tend to get my news from, ironically, (1) Fox News (this is the result of my reading Fox News everyday for blogging, and they break stories earlier than anyone else) (2) Al Jazeera (3) NY Times (4) BBC and the #news tag on Tumblr.

I think the best method for news absorption is to read as many different sources as possible.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I once heard something saying that Fox "News" had an entertainment licence, not a news licence. If so, they could say whatever they wanted without breaking it. Is that true?

Well, no. That’s not true. But, in 2000 a former Fox employee lost a whistleblower case in which she argued that Fox News fired her for refusing to report knowingly false and distorted information. The decision held that the FCC’s rules about lying and distortion amounted to a policy, not a law, and essentially ruled that it is not technically illegal to purposefully broadcast false or slanted information with a broadcast license.

tl;dr: Fox News won the legal right to lie on the air with a broadcast license.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Do other news sources have faults like fox news?

I really should make a new page on this blog called “but all news is biased!” Getting on that.

tl;dr answer: yes/no

Better answer: Yes. All news sources are biased. Anyone who tries to tell you that MSNBC or CNN or The NY Times or the Washington Times or The Huffington Post or The Blaze are not biased is (a) lying to you/themselves or (b) blinded by partisanship. All news is biased. All news is biased. Pointing out the biases in Fox News’ reporting does not mean that other news sources are not biased.

That being said- No. No one does it quite like Fox News. While other news sources are clearly biased and agenda driven, no other mainstream media (and yes, despite Fox’s insistence, they are the mainstream news media) acts so clearly as an extension of a warped party agenda as Fox News does. This goes far, far, beyond bias, and well into the realms of fear-mongering, racism, political invalidation, opinion-heavy and hate-filled rhetoric that has no place in news. That Fox News clearly and purposefully misrepresents, misinterprets, and misinforms its viewership to further a perverted ultra- conservative agenda is well documented (there is this blog… called RFN…) AND empirically tested in seven different studies showing that Fox viewers are the most politically uninformed / misinformed of any mainstream news station. This is purposeful, and dangerous in a way that no other news station even begins to touch, especially given that Fox’s audience is by far the largest of any mainstream news source.

Also their slogan is “Fair and Balanced” like come on.



are you a journalist? if so, what kind of work do you do? -pure curiosity.

I wish I was a journalist, but I am a graduate student. IF I was a journalist I would just follow Anderson Cooper around and propose to his sexy silver fox self repeatedly until he (1) accepted or (2) accepted.



I have a friend who insists fox news is the least biased news source, and says he's able to get "both sides" and won't agree with any news source that isn't fox. It's no surprise he sides on the conservative.

#1 RFN house rule: never get your news from only one place.