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“If everything is amplified, we hear nothing.”
- Jon Stewart

"One of the best Tumblr blogs of 2011" - Buzzfeed

"Check it out for some laughs and even some eye-opening information." - Trend Hunter

Eric Bolling is RFN's Most Misinformed Person of the Year! Congratulations, Eric.

Really, Fox News’ Best Blogs of 2012

A little late in the game, but still happening nonetheless. 2012 was a great year for RFN, for Tumblr, and hopefully for you. Here are RFN’s officially endorsed best blogs of the year!

Reclaiming the Latina Tag

A very awesome project started and maintained by a collaboration of bloggers, Reclaiming the Latina Tag posts cultural, historical, anthropological, and just straight up fascinating news, history, food, photographs, and other information about Latin@ culture. Queer friendly, well written and well maintained, this is a smart blog committed to combating the hypersexualization of Latina women both in the #Latina tag and in everyday life. This blog is imperative to your online adventures.

The Fox Blog

This is an entire blog devoted to pictures of foxes. There are even helpful links with lots of information about different kinds of foxes! Short version: foxes. Awesome.

Crunk Feminist Collective

Unapologetic feminists blogging about the intersection of sex, gender, race, class, sexual orientation, status and all other things asymmetrical and doing it well. Focused as a space for women of color, discussions of indigenous rights, trans* rights, intersexuality, and all the other things good intersectional feminism should care about. Follow this blog. Seriously. Do it right now.

Warsan Shire

Have you ever read Warsan Shire’s poetry? If not, prepare to have your world rocked. I mean seriously read and cry over every word feel all the possible range of emotions at once world rocked. This woman is unbelievable, one of the best writers hands down of our time. A Keynan-born Somali poet, Warsan is amazing, and amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it. On her Tumblr blog you’ll find her poetry plus music and other musings. Life changing. Not joking.

The People’s Record

Ever wonder what is going on in the world that the media isn’t showing you? The People’s Record has you covered. A great, substantive news blog about global resistance to imperialism, capitalism, corporatism, authoritarianism, and other oppressive forces, this blog is the best place to get real news about international protest that you won’t see on your television.  Be informed. This is important.

You can also still check out RFN’s Best Blogs of 2011!

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