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On CK’s “I don’t need feminism” picture.

It’s sexist and disgusting to respond with comments about her appearance, telling her to get laid, threatening rape, or making other comments, that reduce her opinion to sexuality and body image.

Sure, it’s ironic for a woman in college with a strong political/economic voice to fail to see the importance of feminism in giving her those opportunities, and sure CK apparently really does not like me, but that doesn’t mean that Tumblr’s left bloggers have any place to attack her in this way.

Cut it out, you’re just proving her point with this misogyny. If you don’t have a real response to her point, don’t resort to virgin and appearance shaming. The left comes down hard on body and sex shaming, and it’s no better when we do it.

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    Agreed. She’s likely doing it to get just those kinds of resonses, which then validates her belief that leftists are...
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    Very right, indeed. Those of you who are shaming CK are either misrepresenting Tumblr’s left, or are really just...
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    Agreed. Hypocrisy…
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    Ughhhh. This goes hand and foot with the same kind of people who say sexist shit about Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann,...