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“If everything is amplified, we hear nothing.”
- Jon Stewart

"One of the best Tumblr blogs of 2011" - Buzzfeed

"Check it out for some laughs and even some eye-opening information." - Trend Hunter

Eric Bolling is RFN's Most Misinformed Person of the Year! Congratulations, Eric.

RFN's Best Blogs of 2011

In Other News

Consistently my all time favorite politics and news Tumblr, In Other News brings you reliable news, photo-journalism, early morning pictures of New York City, music, daily coverage of the Daily Show and now CAPSLOCK SERIOUS. A true Tumblr staple.

The Hipster Libertarian

How much can I say about Bonnie? Let me just tell you Tumblr, this girl is smart. I am neither a libertarian nor a hipster, but The Hipster Libertarian is a fantastic blog. A subset of Bonnie’s larger blog, Bonnie Kristian, The Hipster Libertarian is filled with straightforward, explanatory and honest answers to almost every question you could ever fathom regarding libertarianism. Partisan politics aside, her responses are pretty damn persuasive. 

Mohandas Ghandi

Speaking of smart bloggers, Mohandas Ghandi will shut down your racist, sexist, classist commentary in three words and school you on international events in the same sentence. Unapologetically honest, Mohandas Ghandi offers political commentary and personal insight on cultural events, complete with lots of GPOYs. Her wealth of international and legal knowledge continually floors me in a way that makes me feel I must immediately become more informed. I think that is always a good thing.

Lips Between the Hips

Enya is the queen/king/genderless god all things queer and feminism. If you want quotes, articles, news, insight, illustration, and honest conversation about sex, minority rights, queerness, gender, body positivism, capitalism, atheism, drugs, social justice, Audre Lorde, and cats, Lips Between the Hips is a one-stop shop. Consider yourself educated, Tumblr. It should be noted that there can be some pretty big (but well identified) TWs on this page, and lots of nudity. 

I Love Charts

I love I Love Charts. Literally a blog filled with charts, which are funny, informative, political, depressing, and sometimes about Fox News. 

Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson

Self explanatory. 


A fantastic collection of international photojournalism, updated constantly and always high quality. fotojournalismus designates photographers of the month and encompasses a wide range of events and geographic regions in their posting. A fairly new Tumblr launched in September, fotojournalismus fills a big gap in the Tumblrsphere.

Tangled up in Lace

Not for the faint hearted, Jessica Luxury is a self-described “a high-femme fatty who bleeds glitter and kittens in lace bonnets.” She blogs about body positivity, fat politics, makeup, big hair, 80s music, self-acceptance, gender, cats, vintage clothes, poverty, sex and sexuality. One of my absolute favorite blogs right now. 

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